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09/17/15 - Vaulting, seat and position, rider balance with Jenny Leggate, 2014 Dressage Convention presented by Carl Hester and Richard Davison

Jenny Leggate leads demonstrations of the skills common to both vaulting and dressage.  We apologize that the audio quality is not up to our normal standards however the value of the content is unmitigated. The total running time of this three part video is 41:45.

Video Description

Jenny Leggate leads a session about vaulting, beginning with talking about the value of vaulting for dressage riders. the first demonstration is with a vaulter who placed 11th at the Worlds. The second demonstration is with both a former vaulter who is currently riding PSG, and the vaulter from the first demo, offering the opportunity to see the similarities between the two disciplines. Jenny points out the necessity of overall fitness in riders and vaulters, and then introduces the young demo vaulters.

Seat and Posture
The very important subject of the rider and how to properly use your seat and leg, the way you sit on the horse and use your body.

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