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06/12/14 - Sacha Hamilton - Para Equestrian Riding, Keeping the horse sharp to riders aids

Sacha Hamilton coaches Para Equestrian rider, Emma.  The total running time of this three part video is 42:30.

Video Description

Sacha Hamilton introduces us to her para rider, Emma, and one of her horses while she warms him up for her. She discusses what is needed for a para horse, and then begins warming up long and low while keeping him sharp. He shows a powerful trot, and at this stage she makes sure he is listening and through. She interestingly uses lots of voice aides which he understands and responds to. Sacha explains what issues both the horse and rider are working on as well as the schooling she does with him between the times Emma rides.

Para-Dressage became an FEI regulated discipline in 2006 and the sport is the only equestrian discipline included in the Paralympics. For para-dressage, riders are classified based upon their functional abilities. Doctors and physiotherapists evaluate a r