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04/07/16 - Nancy Later - Use of the German Martingale, proper contact, connection to the bit

Nancy Later guides a rider on a young horse in the use of the German Martingale and how to train with it to get appropriate contact and move over the back. Draw reins, martingale, running reins, proper contact, throughness over the back, seat and position. The total running time of this three part video is 40:15.

Video Description

Nancy Later teaches this informative lesson on the proper use of the German Martingale. She explains how it can help a developing rider and how to begin using it. They look for this young horse to carry his own forward, positive trot in both directions. Nancy asks the rider to make sure that she can move her off her leg, and allows her to travel in a longer frame as they start. They warm up in the canter expecting him to be responsive to the aids while not expecting him to be perfect. She has the rider change his posting diagonals on the circle to help him relax and give his back.

Nancy Later-USA
Nancy is a USEF Bronze and Silver medalist and has had three horses on the Developing Horse List maintained by the United States Equestrian Team. In 1995, Nancy Later made the USET Team for the US Olympic Festival. She is currently having much success at

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