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12/11/14 - Janice Dulak - Body Awareness, Pilates For Dressage

Janice Dulak presents Pilates for Dressage with in studio and mounted exercises for riders.  

Video Description

Janice Dulak brings us a video on Pilates for Dressage, working with Grand Prix rider Sarah Martin. Janice first looks for asymmetry in her body and talks about how that affects her riding. They first work on the reformer to stabilize her spine with direction from Janice. All the movements are described in relation to how they relate to riding and the movement of the horse. She also demonstrates similar exercises that can be done at home without the Pilates machines.

Janice Dulak Pilates For Dressage
Janice Dulak has created Pilates for Dressage, bringing the concepts of Pilates to create more effective riding.

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