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Adequan/USDF 2007 Convention; Rider Position, Balanced Rider Balanced Horse

Balance is an essential component of dressage performance. We see it, we feel it, we adjust it and we work on exercises to improve it. But what is balance in biomechanical terms? This talk will explore the biomechanics of balance and will help riders and trainers to understand balance from the horse’s perspective. Topics to be covered include the mechanics of balance at the halt, how balance changes when the horse is in motion, and special balancing requirements in highly collected movements. The talk will include footage from the latest research studies in the McPhail Center in which multiple force plates are used to show how the horse changes his weight distribution to adjust his balance.

Video Description

Balanced rider balanced horse

Introduction to Riding and General Horsemanship
Basics, horsemanship, Introduction to tack, the horse, gaits, proper use of seat and hands. Basics of the proper seat and position, how to get your horse on the bit, proper contact, getting the forward, getting your horse responsive to your aids.