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09/24/15 -Secrets of the Spanish Riding School Uncovered -work in hand, piaffe, passage, 2014 Dressage Convention with Florian Bacher

Florian Bacher demonstrates the methodology of the Spanish Riding School in hand and under saddle.  Work in hand, piaffe, passage, under saddle, pirouettes. We apologize that the audio quality is not up to our normal standards however the value of the content is unmitigated. The total running time of this three part video is 45:00.

Video Description

Florian Bacher who has been with the Spanish Riding School for 13 years demonstrates work in hand and training in the school. He presents an 11 year old Andalusian showing medium level that has been in training in work in hand for a few months. He walks through how they start the horses, and has him equipped with a surcingle and side reins. He looks for him to be relaxed and swinging rather than quick and tense as he asks for a few steps while be careful not to put too much pressure on the horse. When the horse becomes distracted and tense, he allows him to stand and relax before continuing.

In Hand Training for Developing Collection and Responsivness
In hand work is done from the ground using long lining techniques to develop collection as well as gain respect from the ground.