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03/07/14 - Cesar Torrente , 2nd level, Reaction to the Leg

Cesar Torrente helps this rider create quicker reactions to the leg aids.  The total running time of this two part video is 19:30.

Video Description

Mr. Torrente begins his work with this student with walk trot walk transitions, asking for more response from the leg. Keeping the same tempo, they next work on doing three shoulder ins on the long side with straight steps in between. When they move on to lengthened steps to working steps to lengthened steps on the long side, the previous work builds better responses to the leg.

How to do a Half Halt
Essential in the sport....a half halt is invisible and tells your horse whoa, something is about to happen. It should take place in corners, before any change of gait, to set your tempo, to gain impulsion and re-balance. It happens in a matter of 2-4 stri