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Please be aware when submitting your video that our judges are prohibited from teaching you, virtually, written or live within 30 days of judging a rider and the FEI prohibits teaching in any form from an FEI judge of a rider whom is to perform a test in front of said judge for 90 days prior to a normal CDI and 9 months prior for major championships. Should you have a question please contact customer service so we may get you a definitive answer to assure no conflicts.

See a Sample of a Completed Virtual Session

See a Sample of a Completed Judged Test Sheet

Tips For Shooting Video & Video Upload

Have a friend hold the camera utilizing a tripod if at all possible. If not, that's ok too. If your doing a run through on a test, please make sure you include the appropriate dressage court letter in the shot that pertains to where you are in the test. Try to always capture the top of riders head to the soles of horses hooves. We accept .mov, .mp4, .mp3, .avi up to 2gb, 30 min. max.

Your Session Will Be Ready Within 7 Days

Your voice synched to video personal training or judging session will be available for review within 7 business days. You will be notified via email when it is complete at which time you can login to and click on Evaluate Your Ride in your admin panel to review your session.

Ride evaluation and analysis are for private use only and are not to be displayed, uploaded or shared on any public domain.

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We have 10 world reknowed judges and trainers to choose from, whom are available for virtual sessions. Please visit the Videos by Judge or Videos by Trainer page to review their biographies.

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