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03/2014 - Nicole Weinauge -Applicable to all levels, Jasmine Gray and The School of Legerete, the school of lightness, relaxation, lightness, balance

Nicole Weinauge, a practitioner of The School of Legerete, gives an insightful lesson demonstrating the use of the basic tenets of the school.  Classical training. French School. 

Video Description

Nicole Weinauge teaches Jasmine Gray, young rider from Australia with a Western Dressage background. She works a six year old Trakehner gelding beginning with ground work. Nicole explains what tack she uses for this work based on the principles of the School of Legerete. The rider unmounted stands in front of the horse with her hands on the bit on either side, and they shift his balance to his hind legs. The rider shifts to the side and continues with the groundwork, paying attention to his balance, mouth, and lateral flexibility in the neck. They are working towards releasing the bit and having the horse stretch down towards the bit. Nicole concludes the groundwork by reviewing the principles they are looking for and what this horse needs to work on.

Nicole Weinauge-GER
Dressage training - according to the principles of the School of Légèreté. Focusing on a training system which is based on the old masters and a thorough knowledge of the horse's anatomy, physiology, kinematics, balance, psychology, and behaviour. Appr