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Nancy Later - 07/09/16 - Sitting Trot Lunge Line Lesson sitting trot, lunge line, rider position

Nancy Later brings us a wonderful lesson on the effective use of a lunge line to improve the riders’ sitting trot.  If you struggle with improving your seat, watch this great video for exercises you too can use at home.  The total running time of this two part video is 25:30.

Video Description

Nancy Later teaches a lunge line lesson to help develop the sitting trot with an independent seat and rein aids. Nancy explains the goal of the lesson is to work on the rider position and the influence that has on the horse. They go to a forward posting trot, with Nancy asking for body awareness on the part of the rider including the hip opening and closing of the hip, the inner thigh and stabilizing the leg while being secure in the stirrup. The first exercise is to change the posting diagonal every four or five steps while thinking about what the body is doing during the change of diagonals. When they go to sitting, they first do four steps of sitting, four of rising, and then sit for 1/2 a circle. They reverse directions and Nancy explains how she runs the lunge line through the bridle. They repeat the above exercises to the right.

Nancy Later-USA
Nancy is a USEF Bronze and Silver medalist and has had three horses on the Developing Horse List maintained by the United States Equestrian Team. In 1995, Nancy Later made the USET Team for the US Olympic Festival. She is currently having much success at

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