Michael Klimke - 8/3/17 - Medium Level Training Focused on Keeping the Forward, Bettering the Gait and Changes Through Proper Use of Seat and Position

Michael Klimke joins with a new video featuring the importance of keeping your horse forward and straight. You can very much see the difference in the gaits when the forward thought is not there vs. when it is. There are many equitation tips peppered throughout that one can take away and use, as they are typical issues many riders have and they affect the entire ride. The horse tends to be tense at times and Mr. Klimke addresses what to do with this. The total running time of this four part video is 52:30. 



Video Description

Michael Klimke watches the warm up and goes over the goals for the session. He suggests that she ride him sometimes with no spurs to help him accept her leg, and helps her with minor rider position adjustments. He asks that the trot be more forward and from behind to the hand even in the warmup. Once there is connection they stretch. Michael asks that the canter in the warm up be more forward, have more jump, and be rounder and deeper. They give him a walk break and Michael has her ride a couple of transitions in the trot before starting the lateral work to make sure she can ride him forward and engage the hindquarters. He has her ride shoulder in on the long side to a 10 meter circle to half pass to the centerline.

Michael Klimke - GER
Hailing from one of Germany’s most celebrated equestrian families, Michael Klimke’s success as a top horseman and international dressage competitor is readily understood.