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Lars Petersen - 8/31/17 - Throughness and Rider Position

Lars Petersen helps this horse and rider find more connection and throughness. The total running time of this two part video is 35:00.  throughness, connection, tempo, shoulder in, renvers, sitting trot, rider position



Video Description

As this pair warms up Lars Petersen encourages them to do tempo changes within the movements and lower the neck a bit to get him more through the back. He helps her get more give and throughness while keeping the tempo. The first exercise, which he advises for horses at all levels, is to go from shoulder in to renvers, asking the horse to be responsive and soft. He has her use the short ends to prepare and voltes if she isn’t getting the flexion and bend. They work on getting contact on either rein while going either direction.

Lars Petersen - DEN
Lars Petersen represented Denmark at the pinnacle of competitive dressage for more than 10 years, including at the Olympic Games, two World Equestrian Games, three World Cup Finals, and two Continental Championships. Five time Danish National Champion.