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Lars Petersen - 7/27/17 - Tempi Changes and Sitting Trot

Lars Petersen’s coaching results in dramatic changes in this new video featuring tempi changes and great advice for the sitting trot. The total running time of this two part video is 28:45.  flying change, tempi changes, sitting trot



Video Description

We join Lars Petersen as he helps this first pair warm up in the trot. He encourages her to create more push from behind and swing through the body. He has her rider forward first in the canter, and cautions her against leaning back too far and too long when asking the horse to lighten the front end. They ride a medium canter down the long side and come back to a working canter without using the reins. When they ride transitions within the canter Lars has her experiment to see how little aids she can use to achieve the transitions.

Lars Petersen - DEN
Lars Petersen represented Denmark at the pinnacle of competitive dressage for more than 10 years, including at the Olympic Games, two World Equestrian Games, three World Cup Finals, and two Continental Championships. Five time Danish National Champion.