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Lars Petersen - 6/29/17 - Improved Connection

Lars Petersen continues his wonderful work with this pair showing that consistent, calm work can truly improve the connection. The total running time of this two part video is 25:30.  trot half pass, canter half pass, leg yield, trot zig zag


Video Description

Lars Petersen continues his work with this pair on the second day and he starts out more relaxed and connected. They warm up with leg yields, checking on the left bending and using shoulder in to help. They do a trot zig zag when he is soft enough and when they move to the canter they ask him to move forward and back with in the gait. In canter right he asks her to keep the right rein alive and add haunches in on a 20 meter circle. He is accepting of the work, so he challenges him by asking for a haunches out with a bend to the outside on the circle. They continue doing changes of bend on the canter circle. He asks for a transition to the pirouette canter without doing a haunches in. When they reverse to right lead canter Lars asks them for a little shoulder in at the canter and that she ride a little more on his weak side. Keeping the right rein alive helps work him through some resistance, and he shows better reach with his inside hind leg.

Lars Petersen - DEN
Lars Petersen represented Denmark at the pinnacle of competitive dressage for more than 10 years, including at the Olympic Games, two World Equestrian Games, three World Cup Finals, and two Continental Championships. Five time Danish National Champion.