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Lars Petersen - 12/14/17 - Junior Rider Third Level

Lars Petersen coaches this junior rider to an even more impressive ride, fine tuning their straightness, push from behind and accuracy with the aids. The total running time of this three part video is 33:00.  Third Level, Junior rider, trot half pass, canter half pass, single change, flying change, passage



Video Description

Lars Petersen meets this junior rider and her Danish Warmblood gelding currently competing at Third. He looks for them to create more swing in the trot warm up and encourages her to ride 80 percent with her seat, 15 percent with her leg and 5 percent with her hand. They ride the trot half pass and he asks for more inside bend. They ride haunches in within the half pass to help with the bend.

Lars Petersen - DEN
Lars Petersen represented Denmark at the pinnacle of competitive dressage for more than 10 years, including at the Olympic Games, two World Equestrian Games, three World Cup Finals, and two Continental Championships. Five time Danish National Champion.