Janet Foy - 07/20/17 - Dressage Through the Levels 2017 - Fourth

The ins and outs of Fourth Level are explored in this new session with Janet Foy.  The total running time of this four part video is 58:45.  shoulder in, trot half pass, walk pirouette, Fourth Level  



Video Description

Janet Foy starts this session on the Fourth Level test by explaining the movements that are added at this level, including shoulder in on centerline and common problems with this movement. She first has the two demo riders ride shoulder fore to shoulder in to shoulder fore on the centerline and points out how difficult this exercise is. Janet then has a rider demonstrate the trot work from the beginning of 4-1 through the half pass, 10 m circle, to shoulder in while explaining some of the issues that arise during these movements. She asks an interesting question on which of these movements has the most bend with a surprising answer. The next rider rides the beginning of 4-2 and Janet comments on how this test demands stringing together many movements in a row so that problems with any one movement can compound into issues with the next several movements.

Janet Brown Foy-USA
Janet is currently an FEI "I" judge, AHSA "S" Dressage Judge and an AHSA Sporthorse "R" Breeding Judge. She has judged at all major shows in the United States including the FEI North American Young Rider Championships, th

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