Janet Foy - 03/30/17 - Dressage Through the Levels 2017 - First

Janet Foy continues the symposium on Dressage Through the Levels beginning with this First Level session. The total running time of this three part video is 38:00.   First Level, trot lengthenings, straightness, simple change, stretchy circle, First 3



Video Description

Janet explains that the balance for First Level is the same as for Training Level- a level balance that is not on the forehand. She clarifies what the lengthenings should be at First, and then has the demo riders work on leg yields. Janet scores and gives commentary on their rides. The lengthenings are next, and she points out common errors that occur at this level including lack of transitions in and out and rushing. When they ride the canter lengthening to the 15 meter circle, Janet points out that the down transition should be on the circle. She helps one rider whose horse is falling on the outside shoulder with an exercise of leg yielding a few steps then going straight then leg yielding again.

Janet Brown Foy-USA
Janet is currently an FEI "I" judge, AHSA "S" Dressage Judge and an AHSA Sporthorse "R" Breeding Judge. She has judged at all major shows in the United States including the FEI North American Young Rider Championships, th

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