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Complete ESDCTA Forum, 2007, Featuring Janet Foy & Steffen Peters, Young Horse through Grand Prix

For Judges, Trainers and Competitors. Young Horse Development, Young Horse Tests, Training Level, First Level, Second Level, Thrid Level, Fourth Level, PSG, Prix St. George, Intermediare 1, Intermediare II, Grand Prix. Featuring: ESDCTA Judges, Trainers, Competitors Forum, Focus: Maintaining a correct foundation through the levels using the training scale, Led By: Steffen Peters and Janet Brown FoyHorses and Riders: Training Level through Grand Prix

Video Description

Review of training scale, basic gait requirements, comparison of required collection for various levels

Janet Brown Foy and Steffen Peters Host the ESDCTA Forum, How to ride each level
ESDCTA Competitors, Trainers and Judges Forum, led by Janet Brown Foy and Steffen Peters (special guest ). The forum focuses on horses at all levels and does a fabulous job of showing what the judge looks for in terms of gaits and movement at each level..