Isabell Werth - 2017 World Cup Dressage Showcase - Seven Year Old - Young Horses to Grand Prix

Isabell Werth, the number one dressage rider in the world presents this Dressage Showcase with this seven year old featuring tips to bring them to the top! The total running time of this video is 18:15.



Video Description

Isabell Werth now works with seven year old Hanovarian gelding on his way to Grand Prix. He immedialtely shows a long swing, and Isabell encourages them to work on quicker steps with flexion. They work on more sitting behind with smaller steps, bend and flexion. As the rider develops this they perform the trot half pass, and she points out that as the horse becomes more confident in the connection the bending and flexion and freedom in the back will increase. Isabell has them use the shoulder in in the walk to help him seek more connection , giving when he looks for more stretch.They ask him for more overstep in the walk on a long rein with a more open neck. They carefully pick up reins and connection and make sure they have a good walk before picking up the canter. Finding the right amount of jump in the canter becomes a prerequisite before going to the canter half pass and the flying change. After a half pass Isabell has them concentrate on getting the jump back into the canter, and then do single changes on the long diagonal. She explains how important it is to have the jump and flexion before attempting the changes.

Isabell Werth - GER
Isabell Werth (born 21 July 1969 in Rheinberg) is a German equestrian and world champion in dressage who competed in the Olympics five times (1992, 1996, 2000, 2008, 2016) winning ten medals, six of them gold. She holds the record for the most Olympic med