Isabell Werth - 2017 World Cup Dressage Showcase - Five Year Old - Young Horses to Grand Prix

Isabell Werth, the number one dressage rider in the world presents this Dressage Showcase with this five year old featuring tips to bring them to the top! The total running time of this video is 12:30.


Video Description is thrilled to present Isabell Werth, winner of the 2017 World Cup Finals, in a session from the Dressage Showcase presented during the World Cup event in Omaha, Nebraska. Isabell coaches three demo riders through the training and movements appropriate for a young horse headed for Grand Prix. Isabell first works with a five year old stallion, beginning by explaining that they first look for a horse with three good gaits with no weaknesses in any gait. They have to have a good mind, a willingness to work and go and elasticity, as well as freedom in the shoulder. In the walk they look for overstep and whether he maintains the rhythm of the walk even through the corners. As they move to the trot, Isabell points out that swing is needed, and that each horse will need to be worked according to their age and level. She has them ride shoulder in on the long side, and take care when riding corners to use the inside leg to outside rein. After a few trot leg yields they work on the canter with an emphasis on keeping the jump. They use counter flexion to increase suppleness, and add a few collected steps of canter on the circle. The session ends with a stretchy trot.

Isabell Werth - GER
Isabell Werth (born 21 July 1969 in Rheinberg) is a German equestrian and world champion in dressage who competed in the Olympics five times (1992, 1996, 2000, 2008, 2016) winning ten medals, six of them gold. She holds the record for the most Olympic med