Helen Langehanenberg - 2/4/16 - Five Year Old - relaxation, stretching, walk canter transition, counter canter, carrying, uphill

Helen Langehanenberg teaches a lesson on a five year old laying the foundation for correct training including walk canter transitions, counter canter and four loop serpentines at the trot.  The total running time of this video is 14:00.

Video Description

Helen Langehanenberg teaches a lesson with one of her trainers on a five year old. They first look for looseness and suppleness with stretching in the warm up. When they move on to the work, Helen asks that he be sitting and uphill in the movements. In the canter they work on walk canter transitions, making sure that he is stepping up from behind for the transition. In counter canter Helen still requires he travel uphill. They do a four loop serpentine in the trot, allowing him to grow in front of the rider while carrying weight with the hind legs. He shows great relaxation through the movements and they end the session in a free walk.

Helen Langehanenberg-GER
Fresh from the 2012 Olympics as part of the silver medal winning German team, famed for her light bridle contact, invisible aids and flawless seat; when Helen Langehanenberg enters a ring riding the gorgeous stallion Damon Hill the spectators are in for a