Helen Langehanenberg - 12/17/15 - Energy in Collection Carry weight in hindquarters, canter half pass, canter zig zag, tempi changes

Helen Langehanenberg rides a working session with a young gelding beginning his Grand Prix career.  The total running time of this two part video is 17:00.

Video Description

Helen has already warmed up this talented 8 year old just beginning his GP training. She asks for him to carry his weight on his hind legs in the canter using her weight aids. She adds the canter half pass with transitions within in the gait as she goes across the diagonal. After riding the half pass in both directions she does a zig zag down centerline. The flying changes on the diagonal are next, always asking for sitting, collection, control, and then the flying change. The fours, threes and twos are uphill, straight and show equal quality from change to change. He is just learning his ones, so she begins with two ones, and stops when she feels he won’t be successful. She continues with the canter pirouettes.

Helen Langehanenberg-GER
Fresh from the 2012 Olympics as part of the silver medal winning German team, famed for her light bridle contact, invisible aids and flawless seat; when Helen Langehanenberg enters a ring riding the gorgeous stallion Damon Hill the spectators are in for a