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Gary Rockwell - 9/21/17 - Stretch and Relaxation

Gary Rockwell brings a stunning change in relaxation in this beautiful pair through patient, thoughtful and small changes.  The total running time of this three part video is 47:00.  relaxation, bend, stretch, over the back




Video Description

Gary first talks through the history of this lovely gelding with the rider and she explains that he can be quite strong, so they begin by allowing him to relax in the walk and trot in a longer frame and little bend. He proves to be sensitive in the bridle, so Gary cautions the rider to be still with her hands with soft elbows and a soft connection. They gently go into the canter again allowing him to stretch. Gary explains that because his gaits are so big the gelding isn’t quite confident enough to collect.

Gary Rockwell-USA, FEI O Judge
A former member of the United States Equestrian Team, Gary Rockwell represented the U.S. in competitions throughout Europe. He and his Danish mare ÒSunaÓ won a team silver medal at CHIO Rotterdam in 1993 and a team bronze at the 1994 World Championships