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Gary Rockwell - 6/1/17 - Half Pass

Gary Rockwell, International 5* FEI Judge, brings this session with great insight to the steps of creating winning half passes. The total running time of this three part video is 47:00.  shoulder in, canter half pass, trot half pass, collection




Video Description

Gary Rockwell watches this beautiful mare warm up, encouraging the rider to keep her hands in front of the saddle. In the corners they work on getting the bend then using the outside rein for the turn. Gary demonstrates the three hand positions and warns against curling the wrists when asking for the bend and pointing out that the change between the positions happens with the elbows. He explains the use of the leg to get the bend before the corner. Their warm up canter needs to have a lot of jump, and has her allow her to move forward more freely to use her back better. In the trot leg yields he has her keep her straight on the outside rein.

Gary Rockwell-USA, FEI O Judge
A former member of the United States Equestrian Team, Gary Rockwell represented the U.S. in competitions throughout Europe. He and his Danish mare ÒSunaÓ won a team silver medal at CHIO Rotterdam in 1993 and a team bronze at the 1994 World Championships