Joyce Heuitink - 12/24/15 - Four Year Old, leaning on the rein, reinback, transitions, in front of the leg

Joyce Heuitink rides this beautiful four year old gelding and giving us the opportunity to watch as she builds the foundation for his upper level career.  Joyce demonstrates correct stretching, exercises to keep him in front of her leg, and the beginnings of flying changes. Hot off the leg, leaning on one rein, loosening the jaw.  The total running time of this three part video is 32:15.

Video Description

Joyce Heuitink joins DTO with this ride on a four year old gelding, showing us her whole warm up while explaining what she’s looking for from the beginning of the ride. They begin with a long and low frame, asking him to stretch even with distractions from outside the arena. She checks to make sure his walk is four beat with overtracking and that he’s in front of her leg. In the canter transition she does use a voice aid to encourage him to do the depart. She varies the speed of the canter on the circle, making sure he remains active behind.

Joyce Heuitink-NED
Joyce is currently (2015) the team coach and trainer of the Dutch Paralympic dressage squad. At six European Championships, she won team gold three times, team silver three times and individual bronze twice. She judges up to Intermediaire I.