12/2009 Bemelmans- Intermediare II, teaching professional rider, Carl Hester who rides Uthopia focus on getting the horse on the hind leg and active. Day 2, KBIS Convention

Featuring: Jean Bemelmans teaching professional rider and trainer, Carl Hester who rides Uthopia, 8 yr. old, DWB x Metall, Level: Intermediiare I/S/Advanced, owned by Sasha Stewart. They work on, getting the horse on the hind leg, activating the hind leg. Active behind, activity behind, more activity behind. 

Video Description

This is a fabulous demonstration of an advanced international medal winning rider and an extremely talented, top quality horse. Forward and back with the canter. Getting the horse on the hind end, activating the hind leg. To see day 1, go to Specialty Content, KBIS

Carl Hester-UK
Two time Olympian, in 1992 the Barcelona Olympics on Georgioni. Hester became the youngest British rider ever to compete in an Olympic Games. In 2012, Hester was selected with three others to represent the United Kingdom at the 2012 Summer Olympics in Lon