07/24/14 - Bemelmans - Grand Prix work with focus on getting the horse collected and in front of the leg and into the contact.

Jan Bemelmans helps this pair with collection. Focus on getting the horse in front of the leg, Using haunches in on the circle, piaffe, and passage and a very collected small canter is explained, sought and used to assist with all the movements.  The total running time of this video is 22:30. 

Video Description

The collected canter is being schooled as we join this lesson in progress. Jan has the rider keep the canter small, active and calm, and encourages her to use her corners. Once they have the canter he requires, the half pass comes easily so they move on to the flying changes. He explains how this small canter will provide the basis for the rest of their work. They show a fantastic haunches in on the circle.

Piaffe and Passage
A movement executed at the highest level of dressage, requiring the ultimate collection and hind end engagement. Videos within this section will cover how to teach the piaffe and passage no matter the age of your horse and how to perfect the piaffe and pa

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