Adequan/USDF 2007 Convention; Finding Emotional Balance with Jane Savoie

Your emotional balance is essential to riding, training, and competing successfully. You need to be in control of yourself emotionally before you can expect to be in charge of a 1000-pound horse. You DON’T have to be a victim of your emotions. In this lecture you’ll learn: 1. How to change your attitude quickly and easily by changing your physiology and changing your focus. 2. How to squash the “fear gremlins” with the Swish pattern, Advance and Retreat, and impossibly tiny no-fail bay steps. 3. How to “anchor” empowering emotions with a snap of your fingers.


Video Description

Finding Emotional Balance

2009 Adequan/USDF Convention, Educational Demo's & Lectures
Fabulous Freestyles; Hot Tips from Top Sources, Featuring Terry Ciotti Gallo, Ann Guptill, Sandy Howard and Tigger Montague, Finding Emotional Balance with Jane Savoie and Balanced Rider - Balanced Horse, Featuring Dr. Hilary Clayton, Communication-A two