Tried and True product reviews by amateur Dressge riders or one of our highly regarded DTO trainers. Quality product reveiws are essential to decision making when shopping. Hearing what others have experienced with a product means more that packaging or who uses it. We REALLY just want to know how it wears or affects our horses. Right? Please know our reviews are real and if we do not recommend a product we state the facts in a professional and objective way, as knowingly, others may not share an opinion.

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Equine Omega Complete

Supplements. I find this area of equine health slightly frustrating. I've used many and while I have nothing bad to say about any of them, saying that one makes some sort of difference has been hard. I have come a cross a few however that I can actually say I saw SOMETHING. Equine Omega Compete is one of those, where I actually experienced seeing a difference in the horse. Two things stood out to me. First, my horse had bruises that were showing in the outer hoof wall from a very old injury. If had appeared and I had watched it for a couple of months. After I started them on EOC, about 3 weeks later, the bruise line moved much farther down toward the bottom of the hoof. I equate this to expedited growth which to me signals additional cell stimulation and growth over and above what was the norm. Secondly, I had just clipped the horse and I noticed only 2 weeks later, I was asking myself when he was clipped last. That is unheard of. Again, stimulation of cells causing growth throughout the body. I would definitely say I am pleased with the product and feel like I'm using a product that is doing something I can actually see. Thank you Equine Omega Complete. 

Easy Mile Log

I have been using the Easy Mile log for the last 30 days and it has turned out to be a REAL time saver. But that is secondary to the money it is going to save me at tax time time. Professionals who use mileage as a tax deductible expense MUST GET THIS PRODUCT!!!! It spits out a simple report for me when asked that can be submitted to the IRS. How simple is that!


I recently used this product line of insect repellent which I really liked using. The most important factor for me was that it was organic. Since it is sprayed daily on my horse, that is a really important factor since I dont think any of us want to purposely put chemicals on our horses skin. In essence that is what we do, with non organic products. I always ask myself, "would I put this on my body, would I eat this, etc..". Equinature only uses human grade vegetable and plant based resources in all of their products. Next factor is....does it work? The answer is YES! It worked just as well as any of the other insect repellents I have used and that partnered with the fact that is all natural is the deciding factor for about you?


Take the guesswork out of feeding. A very unique product offering you the ability to input your horses current feed and supplements and in return it will spit out an instant analysis of that program. This allows you to see if your horse is missing essential vitamin and nutrients, getting enough or too much food and generate a plan that will put your horse in the best nutritional position possible. The site was easy to use, inexpensive and fast. For those of you using something really unique in terms of a grain or supplement, they quickly and easily add the analysis once you bring it to their attention that it exists. So EVERYONE can use this. They even have plans for multiple horses for all of the breeders out there. It is a really cool tool that can be used for as low as $15.00 and I highly recommend it.


Let's discuss the Nantucket Bridle. If your in the market anytime soon for a new bridle, read this! The Nantucket Padded Monocrown Bridle from SmartPak was recently given to me to try and I must say it is quite impressive. Many leather bridles begin to crack and fade with even the lightest amount of wear, giving you early insight of things to come, however the Nantucket's leather has yet to show any of those typical wear signs. With a sensitive horse like mine, the padded mono-crown piece is very nice, putting very little pressure behind the ears or on the poll. This has a crank chin strap. Time will only tell, however I feel confident that this truly is a bridle of a lifetime.

The Digital Horse

I recently spent time on the website and found some extremely valuable tools, most competative riders can greatly benefit from. The site gives you everything you could possibly want around Dressage and Eventing tests. You can click your test of choice and see it digitized on the screen with a computerized horse riding the movement. I very much like the fact that I can see the track of the horse at all times, thus showing me how the movement is supposed to be ridden. The directive is given for each movement within the test and this is valuable so that you can see the purpose of the movement you are showing. I also really liked that there are excercises given and helpful hints on excercises that are shown to enable you to better be able to accomplish the excercise. I also found the ability to print the test, with diagrams showns of each movement, and the directives listed to be great because you are able to take that to the barn with you for practice and a quick reminder. So all in all this is a very helpful site, something anyone preparing to show would really benefit from. As someone who uses a piece of paper and pencil to sketch out my ring, letters and diagram of what I am supposed to ride, to ingrain it into my brain, this is a huge upgrade, now I can see a little digital horse riding it and instead use mental picturing to envision myself riding the movements. Big upgrade, positive mental picturing and a great tool to prepare for competition or planning your everyday riding.

Infrared Light Therapy

Being the skeptic that I am....and perhaps many of us are, I put the use of this product in the hands of the the professional trainer at my local barn. I watched as she used this device on multiple horses. Two of the horses had some soft tissue concerns in the legs, one was the recipient more as an attempt to alleviate some minor but constant sore back issues. As it is hard to directly ascertain if improvements were solely due to the use of the RediVet device, she did say and I did observe that the healing process was much shorter than normal and the soreness of the back seemed to have gone away. These horses were consistently improving per the vet, with zero setbacks or hold patterns. We all know, recovery of these issues is rarely streamlined without a set back so these facts were particularly inspiring. I personally used the device on my horse, when I knew he was apt to be cold backed, usually due to his not being ridden for 2 days in a row. Upon use of this, the cold back issue was much less, as evidenced by my being able and his allowing me with zero attitude, to sit his very boingy trot very early in my ride rather than the the end of the session. I feel this is a solid product that definately works, and is especially appropriate for a professional with multiple horses who systematically can apply this product correctly to the horse for the required period of time.
Lastly I would also mention, I allowed my mother to use the product on her back as well since she has a history of sciatica and it had flared up. She applied it 3 x per days for 2 days, and found that the pain was significantly reduced. She has had additional flare ups, however, she says that it relieved the pain dramatically enough that she was able to go without usuing muscle relaxers on day two, which is of course healthier for our mind and bodies.

Back on Track

The ceramic mesh blanket should always be your friend no matter what the season. This blanket is multi purpose in my point of view, its light, like a sports jersey, so it can be applied almost all year around, especially sturdy, my playful mouthy horse never put a tear into it and he seems comfortable in his muscles, always coming out of the stall as if he were just hand walked or coming from turn out, he had a certain comfortable quiet energy.

Australian Equine Behavioural Centre

The book is filled with alot of really wonderful information. It is very in depth and written in an easily understandable way. It is a ton of content to be able to absorb. In trying to pull out what I liked best I would say that the behavioral explanation that is given with each movement was a favorite. A movement or training methodology would be discussed , then the possible evasions or problems would be addressed in addition for the suggested ways of fixing them....but also with this was a behavioral explanation which very much resonated with me. I found that when I was working on something that I had recently read and things werent going as smoothly as I had hoped, I was not tense about it due to the fact that my inner voice was calmly viewing it from a natural and understandle behavior pattern, so I was more confident that this was "normal" and would subside with time and proper continued training. For myself, a very A type person, this ability of the book to move behavioral explanations to the forefront of my mind, was very calming. I very much enjoyed the book and would recommend it to anyone. I am currently in the process of watching DVD series. Will give evaluation in 30 days (9/30/09).

Tuff Rock, Poultice

I used this product to help heal and protect a wound my horse had above his pastern which he got from playing in turn out. It was about 2" long, 1/4" wide and deep. He seems to get these alot. So, I needed to really start ensuring proud flesh didn't develop. I applied this regularly and in about 2 weeks the cut was completely gone, no raise, hair almost completely grown over it, and now 4 weeks later, no visibility whatsoever. I must say that I am very pleased! Thank you Tuffrock! Your product rocks!

GearMax, Equestrian Backpack

Ok, this is one of my absolute favorite discoveries! Myself and Professional Trainer, Alex Gerding, recently tried these bags was showtime. A bag was packed for each horse. One bag. Every single thing was put into it exept for the saddle, pad and girth (though the pad and girth probabally would have fit too had I tried). You would think the bag would be too heavy for a female to carry, however, its amazing how strong our backs are. I was fine lugging this from car to stall. I even contemplated carrying the pack on my back and leading my horse from trailer to stall at same time. I didnt do it, this time, because I wasnt sure how nimble I would be with it on, but now that I know, this too can be done. Extremely efficient, time saving, organizing device. Oh and from the German trainer, he even thought it was fabulous and that's saying alot! My only upgrade, which I informed them of, was that I thought it would be great to have a large picture showing how everything would fit inside, so you don't have to "think" so much the first time you load it up.

Grand Meadows Complete, Supplement

I have had my 4 year old on this product and I feel confident using it that he is getting all of his vitamins and nutritional needs covered. The most noticeable thing, was that his hoofs suddenly got much harder and stronger. During the winter, he often stood in wet stall and wet mud, and in general there was a ton of dampness everywhere. The hoof walls began to be softer than usual and there was peeling . Since using the Grand Meadows, I notice a big change. Now I am more apt to focus on simply applying a hoof conditioner to keep them as nice as they are, rather than worrying about them, or constantly considering how to now add additional moisture to the hoof area.

Mushroom Matrix-ECP, a certified organic proprietary blend of five medicinal mushroom species.

I currently have my 4 yr old Hanoverian on this product. He is a very athletic, opinionated and unpredictable but has stunning gaits! With that said I have had this exuberant boy on Matrix ECP for 2 weeks now and I see a difference. He is more relaxed really, and has a more workmanlike demeanor, not looking for the smallest opportunity to react on anymore. Perhaps just more there for the rider and with more tolerance. Nothing else has changed in his program during this time so I have to say its the Matrix product. I have him on 2 scoops a day for now, he is pretty big, in a few weeks, I plan to reduce slowly down to 1 scoop.

Your Royal Highness Apparel-Breeches

I recently tried two pair of these breeches. I love them both! I have quite a few pairs of well know brands, these fit the same if not better. I have a higher waisted pair that is not super high, it sits nicely right above the hip, and a regular waist pair. They both are thick enough to not feel like your wearing tights, but very stretchy and they dont stretch out. They also have Teflon HT in the fabric, which protects them from stains, which is of course a huge plus. They sell for about $110.00 US.

JRD Saddles

What can I say...I love my JRD! I have ridden in a JRD for about 4 years, however, recently I rode in a different saddle upon another horse and felt ok in it. However when I got in my own saddle again, I thought something was strangely odd, and remarked to a friend that the saddle I was riding in must belong to someone else, there must have been a mishap somewhere, because that saddle was soooo comfortable. After dismounting I of course took a look at the saddle, and realized, no mishap, it was mine! I would suppose that after sitting in the "other" saddle for quite a while, mine felt greatly different in comparison. These saddles are made custom, to fit both the horses back and the riders seat. The best part is that the saddle maker, accomodates all requests of the rider, however stays classical in thought. Let me give you an example...I have a right pelvis that is tipped quite a bit back, making my right leg longer, however in actuality, my left leg is longer, but my leathers have to be raised three holes on the left side due to the pelvis tilt. For me to sit square and balanced in the saddle, I have to seriously focus in stepping down into my left stirrup, with a feeling of a ton of left seat bone, no right, to be square. I requested to overflock the seat below my right so I could feel balanced and comfortable, however, I was talked out of it...reason, is because though that would be the easy way, the better way is for me to work on fixing my body rather than rigging my saddle. Only a seasoned rider himself would care about that and ensure we are always doing what is best, for the horse, rider, and the correctness of the sport.