Chrissa Hoffmann-USA

Chrissa Frith-Hoffmann is a USDF Bronze, Silver and Gold medalist, rider and trainer through Grand Prix. In the last 5 years she has trained 6 horses to FEI and three to Grand Prix, and is currently working towards her fourth, all of these horses she trained. Chrissa's biggest accomplishment thus far is taking her own horse from age 4 to 15 from training level to training Grand Prix, and another horse that had competed up to Intermediar 1, and training him to Grand Prix. She has studied with many top Internationl trainers in America and Europe. Chrissa is a trainer of all breeds, ranging from Warmbloods, saddlebreds, Morgans, and Tb's. Well known for training American Saddlebred, "Harry Callahan" who is the only American saddlebred in the world competing and winning at Grand Prix, with scores up to 68%. Chrissa started Harry at age 5 and has won countless awards. Because of "Harry's success, Chrissa and Harry have become recognized in various magaizines, including the USDF Connection, Horse Illustrated and The Yankee Pedlar.

Chrissa own and operates, Glenfield Farm~ CFH Dressage in Ocala, FL where she currently has 10 horses in training.