Catherine Haddad-Staller-USA

In 1993, after completing four years of basic training with Bodo Hangen in Michigan, Catherine Haddad moved from the USA to Germany to train and compete in dressage. On Hangen’s advice, she moved to Warendorf to continue her education with his former trainer, Willi Schultheis.

Schultheis, a legendary influence in dressage both in Europe and the Americas, trained Haddad on a daily basis until his untimely death in 1995. Since that time, Haddad has successfully established her own training and competition stable in Vechta, Germany.
Haddad currently trains with Schultheis’ most successful protégé, Rudolf Zeilinger. Keeping 1-2 horses at the Zeilinger stable, Haddad drives early mornings to Emsbüren and trains under his supervision for the first few riding hours of every day. She returns to Vechta to supervise the training of her young horses and developing Grand Prix horses in late morning.

A private sponsorship established in 2003 by Mrs. Janet Schneider of Casper, Wyoming, launched Haddad’s career into the international show ring. Riding Maximus JSS, Haddad was longlisted for the first time in 2004. After Janet's untimely death in 2005, her children, Robert, Richard and Susan Schneider chose to continue the sponsorhip. With their generous support, Haddad pursued a spot on the US Team and was named reserve rider for the USEF at the World Equestrian Games in 2006.

Dressage Training:
• 1989-1993 trained by Bodo Hangen.
• 1993-1995 trained by Willi Schultheis.
• Since 2003, trained by Rudolf Zeilinger.

Competition Results:
• 1997 Grand Prix Champion of USDF Region II, United States.
• 2003 Winner of Golden Horse Shoe Trophy at Intermediare I, Vechta,
• 2004 2 nd in Grand Prix, St. Lo, France.
• 2 nd in Grand Prix, Zierow, Germany.
• 9 th in Grand Prix international, CDI Bremen, Germany.
• 10 th in Grand Prix Freestyle international, CDI Bremen, Germany.
• 2004 Longlisted for the USET.
5th in Grand Prix Freestyle, Hagen CDI***, April 2006.
3rd in Grand Prix Special, Hansbeke CDI***, May 2006.
3rd in Grand Prix, Munich CDI ***, May 2006.
3rd in Grand Prix Freestyle, Munich CDI***, May 2006.
4th in Grand Prix Freestyle, Rotterdam CDI***, June 2006.
5th in Grand Prix, Verden CDI***, August 2006.
2nd in Grand Prix Special, Verden CDI***, August 2006.