Marlene Schneider-USA

Marlene Schneider is a native of Minnesota and graduated from the University of Minnesota . She was a Fox hunter until a riding instructor from England came to teach at the barn she boarded at and offered a dressage class. Marlene was immediately attracted to dressage and never looked back.

She has trained several horses to FEI. When at home, she teaches students at all levels including FEI.

Marlene was licensed as a USEF (formerly known as AHSA) judge in 1979. She is currently a licensed USEF “S” judge and a Canadian Equestrian Federation “S” judge. She has a busy judging schedule in the United States and Canada each year. She has judged at all the National Championships and enjoys panel judging.

She is a former member of the USDF executive board and currently serves on several USDF Committees including the continuing Education for Judges and L graduates. For this program, she will be hosting a “Ride on the Side” program at the Region 4 Finals in 2007