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Nicole Weinauge-GER


"Dressage serves to maintain a healthy horse"
I developed a logical sequence of dressage training under the guidance of French Master, Philippe Karl. My lesson units are based on a holistic approach with the horse's wellbeing in mind.

Basic work

  • Connection hand – horse's mouth: tightening of the rein
  • Longitudinal change of balance = shifting the horse's balance to the hindquarters
  • Relaxation = we achieve mobility of the horse's jaw through the correct use of the hand
  • Impulsion = quick reaction to the rider's leg aid, activity of the hindquarters
  • Flexion/Bending = Achieving muscular balance in the neck muscles
  • Lateral change of balance = Achieving muscular balance in the shoulder muscles
  • Stretching forward-down = Achieving a raised and oscillating back
  • Rounding of the poll = Stretching the nuchal band

Continuing work – Mobility and Collection

  • Transitions = basis for the improvement of longitudinal balance
  • Lateral movements = basis for mobility and flexibility in balance
  • Collection = Combining lateral work and transitions
  • Schooling exercises = flying changes, Piaffe and Passage

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