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Alfredo Hernandez-USA

US based trainer who specializes in the development of piaffe and passage training with high-level dressage horses. Alfredo says it's never too early to introduce horses to these advanced movements. Alfredo trained in Jerez, Spain where he trained horses not only for dressage but also for bull fighting. He now specializes in the piaffe and passage using original Spanish techniques.

The piaffe is a dressage movement with the horse moving in a highly collected and cadenced trot in place or nearly in place. The piaffe was originally used in battle to keep the horse focused, warm, and moving, ready to move forward into battle. In modern times the piaffe is mostly taught as an upper level movement in Classical dressage and as a Grand Prix level movement.


The passage is an upper-level dressage movement, in which the horse performs a highly-elevated and extremely powerful trot. The horse is very collected and moves with great impulsion.


Alfredo is the trainer for many Olympic and Grand Prix riders.