Jody Hartstone-NZ

Jody, shortlisted for Athens Olympics on Landioso and the 2010 WEG qualified rider for Dressage representing New Zealand, Jody teaches and lectures worldwide emphasizing her training based on scientific principles of behavioural theory. "The rider's aids are all trained systematically and one at a time," Hartstone explained. "One should be careful not to apply two cues at once and ensure that the pressure-release aids (reins or legs) are trained effectively before one moves on to subtle aids like the seat. Basically reins are there to slow down, legs to go, reins to turn and leg for yield. Most important is to train the legs of the horse before training its frame. It is very different from what we see in many training yards where horses are sent to. With them rein pressure and reins are no longer effective to slow down the horses' leg. Paramount is self carriage. The horses are taught from breaking in to hold their own rhythm, direction and outline."