Caroline Kottas-Heldenberg-AUT

Caroline Kottas-Heldenberg has won the Austrian dressage championships (youth and juniors) several times and has won the bronze medal with the Austrian team at the European championships 1998 and 2000.

The only 24 year old rider Caroline Kottas-Heldenberg from Vienna was seen the last weeks as prospect for the Austrian representation at the WEG. Now after her strong performances in Achleiten, she has the nomination in het pocket. She did win the Grand Prix Special test. This was the first international win for the fast coming up pair, who surprised the Austrian selection committee last year already by her shooting star-like improvements! In the beginning of 2005 Kottas-Heldenberg was not even mentioned for the team, but at the European Championships she reached for a decent 67,21% in Grand Prix and thus became the second best Austrian team member and highest mover up in the Austrian dressage rankings. Surprisingly enough the Grand Prix-score of Caro now in Achleiten was exactly the same as at the European Championships last year! Her Grand Prix Special was highlighted by a very good piaffe, a rhythmical passage with a lot of cadence and well placed pirouettes.

Beste Results:
2006 66. Platz GP WEG Aachen (60.042%)
2006 1. Platz GPS CDI3* Achleiten (69.320%)
2006 3. Platz GP CDI3* Achleiten (67.208%)
2006 8. Platz GPS CDI3* München-Riem (64.560%)
2006 4. Platz GP CDI3* München-Riem (65.876%)
2005 29. Platz EM Hagen (67.208%)
2005 3. Platz GP-Spezial CDI3* Piber-Köflach (68.440%)
2005 3. Platz GP CDI3* Piber-Köflach (68.334%)
2005 4. Platz GP-Special CDI3* Achleiten (67.960%)
2005 2. Platz GP-Special CDI3*-W Kaposvar (66.200%)