Providing Your Horse with a Safe & Secure Environment!


Ontario, Canada

Care, safety and cost savings ­ these are cornerstones of the business John
Aditajs founded in 2001. Three brands SoftStall, SoftWall and SoftStep ­
make up this Ontario and Alberta, Canada-based firms line. Environmentally friendly,
over six million tires are recycled annually to create SoftStall products.
SoftStall’s goal is to maximize the comfort of both horse and owner ­
whether in a stall, standing in an aisle or traversing a pathway. The
importance of these fundamental values ­ care, safety, and cost savings ­ is
evident in the design of each of the SoftStall products.

SoftStall owes its genesis to the dairy industry where it is common
knowledge that comfortable cows produced more milk. SoftStall founder and part
owner John Aditajs with his partner Alan Champagne, observing the benefits obtained by dairies, reasoned that equines would likewise benefit from cushiony comfortable bedding.

SoftStall is a two layer stall flooring system combining thick recycled
rubber-filled mattresses with a durable seamless, non-slip impermeable top
cover to create the ultimate in therapeutic bedding. Horses, like humans,
need good rest and REM sleep to rejuvenate ­ something, which only happens
when lying down. SoftStall invites horses to lie down because it imitates
ideal pasture, says John Aditajs. Many people don’t realize horses need to
lie down to achieve REM sleep. Vet hospitals and clinics, dairy facilities,
even zoos use SoftStall. Tough enough for a rhino to sleep on, you can be
assured this is a product that will last. But the benefits don’t extend just
to the horses ­ SoftStall’s design means shavings are no longer needed for
bedding, but simply for moisture absorption. This means less time and expense
due to using only the shavings necessary to do the job. Periodic thorough
cleanings become a snap thanks to SoftStall’s seamless cover. Disinfected
with ease, just think what a wonderful environment this is for foaling or
caring for ill or injured equines.

For those needing a little more protection, the SoftWall product was
created. Again utilizing a dual layer system, SoftWall provides a covering
for stall and trailer walls capable of absorbing the impact of a 10-pound
sledgehammer. Ideal for kickers, horses who caste frequently as well as
those prone to falling, SoftWall is used by caring horse owners as well as
vets including the North Carolina State and University of Tennessee
Veterinary Hospitals.

SoftStep brings the innovation out of the stall and into the aisle ways, wash
stalls, bridle paths and entryways. SoftStep offers a fantastic and cost effective alternative to concrete. With a patented design, these fully interlocking, large format rubber tiles create a safe, comfortable and visually stimulating environment for humans and equines alike. John Aditajs explains, SoftStep tiles lock into one another like puzzle pieces, creating a stable,
easy to maintain surface, while still maintaining their decorative pattern giving the look of an individually installed brick floor.

Manufactured using a process that grinds the recycled rubber to a fine
rubber powder, SoftStep is able to create a dense, smooth, easy to sweep
surface that remains non-slip, even when wet. An excellent alternative to
rubber mats, SoftStep rubber tiles will not shift or curl. And SoftStep has an
insulation value which means your barn will be warmer in cold weather, reducing
energy costs and increasing creature comforts, says John Aditajs. SoftStep
tiles work great with in-floor radiant heating as they retain the heat longer.

Rather than requiring the time consuming task of installing individual tiles, SoftStep comes in sections averaging 10 sq.ft. per rubber tile. This makes installation fast and easy and since these rubber tiles can be installed over a compacted and leveled gravel base, they cut out the need for concrete. Horses to concrete are like children to thin ice, says Aditajs, an accident waiting to happen. With SoftStep in the aisle ways the likely hood of a horse being injured or killed due to slipping and falling is greatly if not complete decreased.

A choice of patterns and colors are available including the popular full interlocking Keystone and I-Mat patterns as well as the individual Churchill rubber brick, these tiles are durable and will stand up to years of use by equines and heavy equipment.

There are thousands of horses currently enjoying the benefits of these products are used by many of the U.S., Canadian, and British show jumping team members. Even renowned natural horseman Clinton Anderson installed SoftStall in his own state-of-the-art facility in Belle Center, Ohio.

Additional information about SoftStall, including Clinton Anderson’s Downunder Horsemanship interview with John Aditajs and a list of authorized dealers, can be found on the company’s website at