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$ 85000.00
Marie DeWitt

Wonderful young FEI mare, Adult Amateur friendly, very talented and comfortable to ride.


Farsiris is a lovely young mare with three years experience at Intermediate-I level. She has a great temperament for an Adult Amateur or Young Rider. She is a great size, takes up your leg well and is comfortable to ride though she has big expressive gaits. She was the top mare at her German Kuering, she has been professionally trained. Farsiris has a lovely personality, she has been trained professionally with great care and is very correct.

Her dam is a successful Grand Prix horse who continues to compete at age 19, completely sound and never having been injected. Farsiris has qualified for several USDF Regional Championship competitions and has received several Champion USDF All Breeds awards for Rheinland Pfalz-Saar International (RPSI). She was also featured in the 2015 January/February issue of "Warmbloods Today" on the top left corner of page 64.

She can be ridden with or without spurs, in a double bridle or snaffle as well as she is very agreeable. Farsiris is a favorite at the barn with her sweet temperament. She has tremendous potential and loves to show off her wonderful talent. Video available.

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