Courtney King-Dye - 10/20/16 - The Bend In Transitions Four Year Old, transitions, bend,

Courtney King-Dye applies her successful training methods with this rider starting a young four year old.  The total running time of this three part video is 33:45.

Video Description

Courtney introduces the rider and her new four year old mount and their goal of getting the hind end moving. He raises his head during transitions, and Courtney suggests bending him rather than correcting him and trying to get his head down. In the trot to canter transitions she has her get the bend with give before trying to canter. Courtney explains how even at this age they should be able to make the trot smaller and bigger within their ability while keeping his legs moving.

Courtney King-Dye-USA
Courtney King-Dye represented the USA in the 2008 Bejing Olympics. Additionally she represented the USA in the 2007 Rolex World Cup in Las Vegas, Nevada. Courtney works and trains on the East Coast.

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