Courtney King-Dye - 10/17/16 - Listen to the Leg Fourth Level, responsiveness, leg aids, half halt

Courtney King-Dye guides this pair through developing more response from the leg to improve heaviness in the bridle.  The total running time of this three part video is 28:30.

Video Description

Courtney King-Dye works with a new client and horse competing at Fourth Level. They have let her know that the horse is tough in the mouth, and Courtney has them start by explaining an effective half halt while riding the volte at the walk. She has the rider add the leg to keep him from slowing down with the half halt. They show good examples of staying uphill in the canter with the half halt. Courtney helps her keep the canter jumping and up as well as the trot after the canter.

Courtney King-Dye-USA
Courtney King-Dye represented the USA in the 2008 Bejing Olympics. Additionally she represented the USA in the 2007 Rolex World Cup in Las Vegas, Nevada. Courtney works and trains on the East Coast.

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