Courtney King-Dye - 1/12/17 - Naughtiness and Correct Training

Courtney Kin-Dye works with her rider Corinne and talented and spirited upper level six year old at Third Level who has presented some naughtiness during his training. The total running time of this two part video is 36:15.






Video Description

Courtney King-Dye teaches Corrine on Shanghai, a six year old showing at Third Level. They demonstrate their warm up, stretching low in the first few minutes. He has had an issue with rearing, and Courtney talks about how they have been dealing with it. Corrine has worked with Kenny Harlow (watch his videos on our website) to push through his naughtiness. As he settles they challenge him more by spiraling in at the canter while remaining active behind. They take a walk break and when she picks him back up they make sure he is walking with his hindquarters carrying before they ask for the walk canter transition. In the canter they ask him to go bigger while still pushing from behind, working transitions within the canter on the circle. They next try for 3 single changes on the long side, but change the plan when he shows tension.

Courtney King-Dye-USA
Courtney King-Dye represented the USA in the 2008 Bejing Olympics. Additionally she represented the USA in the 2007 Rolex World Cup in Las Vegas, Nevada. Courtney works and trains on the East Coast.

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