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10/2010 Col. Carde training student at 3rd/M Level, Contact, Frame, Transitions, Work in Hand

Colonel Christian Carde, in hand work, ground work, basics, maintaining the correct frame, correct contact, training level, first level, second level

Video Description

Colonel Carde begins work on the ground in hand with this horse. You can see that he looks to be playing with the horse and he is. The game is about getting the attention of the horse, and setting up a platform for obedience. Next the rider begins riding the horse , working on transitions, with a special emphasis on downward transitions, which Carde explains cant really be their best until the horse is truly through and moving over the back.

Colonel Christian Carde-FRA
Colonel Carde, the former director of the French National School at Saumur, Christian Carde is an FEI I judge and founder of ALLEGE-IDEAL, an international organization for promoting classically correct horses (with superb piaffe/passage transitions).