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9/2011- Bredahl Baker, 2nd Level, Hot horse, Getting the horse listening to the inside leg and shoulder fore to keep the horse straight

counter canter, shoulder in, renvere, travere, haunches in

Video Description

Charlotte progressively covers the key components of 2nd level. She warms up in the walk and trot in this section, explaining her use of very light aids on this sensitive horse. She shows you exercises she uses to get her horse connected and listening to her inside leg. Later in this section she focuses on the turn on the haunches.

Charlotte Bredahl Baker-USA
Charlotte Bredahl-Baker was born and raised in Denmark. In 1979, she moved to the United States, where she has been training dressage horses ever since. In 1985 Charlotte earned her dressage judge's license. Today, Charlotte is a USEF "S" judge and FEI "C