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Cesar Torrente - 9/15/16 - Quicker Behind Cesar Torrente helps the rider create more energy from behind.

Cesar Torrente works with this lovely pair on a common problem- creating more energy from behind.  If you want to improve your canter pirouettes and trot half pass, watch this new video for great tips!  The total running time of this video is 33:30.

Video Description

In this session Cesar begins by helping an advanced horse in the warm up with keeping more active while staying soft in the front. He points out how good corners can help with the bend and then asks for leg yields from centerline to the wall with crossing behind. They work on getting him more reactive to her leg. They ride shoulder in, 10 meter volte to haunches in at the trot, and then add half pass. Cesar asks for more energy in the medium trot. Cesar looks to add more self carriage and energy in the collected trot. To accomplish this they ask for lots of transitions. He has her go from collected trot to a passage trot. In the canter work he emphasizes being quicker from behind and soft in the front, and they do their fours.

Cesar Torrente-COL
Cesar Torrente is a native of Colombia who in addition to being the first judge to graduate through the new FEI 3* system, is also an avid rider and FEI competitor. His unique combination of a judge’s perspective and a rider’s experience make him a