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Cesar Torrente - 12/01/16 - Watch this video on the very basics with an emphasis on connection and bend

Join Cesar Torrente as he develops this new pair in the absolute essential skills of connection and correct bend.  The total running time of this three part video is  37:30.



Video Description

This pair is new to dressage, and they are working on creating a good connection and balance. This is a good refresher on having quiet, soft hands, riding with a good rhythm, and using your corners. After a warm up at the walk and trot they ride a 3 loop serpentine and then work on a 20 meter circle with bend. When they do the serpentine in the other direction Cesar helps them ride each part with the correct flexion and bend. He helps this pair ride accurate 20, 15 and 10 meter circles at the canter without losing energy.

Cesar Torrente-COL
Cesar Torrente is a native of Colombia who in addition to being the first judge to graduate through the new FEI 3* system, is also an avid rider and FEI competitor. His unique combination of a judge’s perspective and a rider’s experience make him a