Cesar Torrente - 10/6/16 - Forward and Soft, young horse development, getting the horse forward and use of transitions

Cesar Torrente helps this five year old establish push from behind and balance in the down transitions. The total running time of this video is 27:00

Video Description

This rider and five year old begin in the walk, striving for relaxation while stretching to the bit. In the trot they ask for a forward, active trot, being soft with the inside hand, and creating a flowing, lovely trot. They make sure he is not leaning on the hands, and then do trot walk trot transitions with only a few steps of walk in between the trots. They concentrate on being soft with the reins and using the leg aids for the down transitions. When they first ask for a lengthening of the trot they get a few steps of canter that is gently corrected. Cesar then asks for transitions within the trot, and the horse shows a lovely shape through his neck.

Cesar Torrente-COL
Cesar Torrente is a native of Colombia who in addition to being the first judge to graduate through the new FEI 3* system, is also an avid rider and FEI competitor. His unique combination of a judge’s perspective and a rider’s experience make him a