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Cesar Torrente - 10/27/16 - Keep the Engagement schoolmaster, engagement, on the aids, flying change, shoulder in, haunches in, half pass

Schoolmasters have so much to offer the rider, and this session with Cesar Torrente is proof positive of the value of these generous equine friends.  Watch as this lovely gelding and Cesar’s clear instruction help this rider learn the feel of engagement and the more advanced movements.  The total running time of this two part video is 24:00.

Video Description

Cesar teaches this lesson on a schoolmaster with a rider who is just moving up the levels. They begin with the basics- making sure that he reacts to the leg and keeping the hands still. He helps the rider work through the sequence of leg aids and how to ride a through transition from the trot to the walk. Once he’s going rounder they ask for a shoulder in and haunches in, being careful to keep the angle correct. They ride a lovely trot half pass in each direction keeping the energy up and the step active.

Cesar Torrente-COL
Cesar Torrente is a native of Colombia who in addition to being the first judge to graduate through the new FEI 3* system, is also an avid rider and FEI competitor. His unique combination of a judge’s perspective and a rider’s experience make him a