Cesar Torrente - 08/04/16 - Four Year Old relaxation, swing, four year old, trot lengthenings

Cesar Torrente teaches a lesson on a young four year old who demonstrates wonderful basics.  Watch for very correct training tips for your youngster!  The total running time of this video is 33:30.

Video Description

Cesar Torrente observes this four year old and his rider in the walk as they show great relaxation and swing in the back. As they go to the working trot, Cesar asks for a rounder frame while remaining straight with a quiet contact. He has the rider keep contact with the outside rein coming out of the corners, and they trot a three loop serpentine. They then ride the trot walk transitions and reverse direction. The trot walk trot transitions show great fluidity. They move into leg yields, first from the quarter line, then center line, and when he loses his shape Cesar asks them to be rounder and straight. The shoulder in on the second track is next with a small lengthening when they reverse direction.

Cesar Torrente-COL
Cesar Torrente is a native of Colombia who in addition to being the first judge to graduate through the new FEI 3* system, is also an avid rider and FEI competitor. His unique combination of a judge’s perspective and a rider’s experience make him a