Catherine Haddad - 09/08/16 - Developing Horse Prix St. Georges half steps, riding up to the bit, counter canter, flying change

Catherine Haddad brings her expertise to this new video with a lovely mare competing in the Developing Horse Prix St. Georges classes.  They demonstrate exercises to train the half steps in preparation for the piaffe and passage, counter canter and flying changes. Discuss also the concept of why the horse might be leaning on the bit and what to do about it.  The total running time of this video is 15:30.

Video Description

Catherine Haddad returns with this fascinating video on skills needed for a horse competing in the Developing Horse Prix St. Georges division, featuring a seven year old mare. Catherine guides her rider in an exercise to activate her hind leg with half steps that allow her croup to go high at this stage in her training in preparation for piaffe and passage. They demonstrate how changing the position of the rider’s leg can help the mare to step under more.They continue with the warm up in a working trot and when the mare drops onto her forehand, Catherine has the rider activate her back leg. They demonstrate riding the horse up to the bit. The next exercise is a turn onto the quarter line, then leg yield to half pass to leg yield to test if the mare is moving off her leg in the canter. They use the renvers position in the counter canter to control the hindquarters which sets her up for a clean flying change. Catherine asks her to keep the same flexion through the exercise.

Catherine Haddad-Staller-USA
Catherine Haddad, a member of the US Team many times over, World Cup, WEG, Olympic Trials competitor. Catherine currently trains on the east coast and in Florida during season, previously living and training out of her farm in Vechta, Germany, for many ma

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