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Catherine Haddad - 06/23/16 - How to Start Piaffe and Passage

Catherine Haddad demonstrates and explains her unique approach to beginning the piaffe and passage.  The total running time of this video is 14:00.

Video Description

Catherine Haddad rides and demonstrates her approach to beginning the Piaffe and Passage. She starts with halt trot transitions and the responsiveness and shows how she expects a halt to medium trot transition before introducing the piaffe. Her next exercise is to make sure his hind legs can move faster than the front by turning on a circle with the haunches making a bigger circle than the forehand. This helps with getting the back legs quicker, a common need in Piaffe. She teaches them to trot on the spot and immediately move them out again after a few steps. She explains that passage is taking forward energy and bouncing it with the seat into upward energy. She trots forward, and then bounces him into a passage trot. The next step is to ask for a real passage from that forward trot which is a shorter version of the passage trot. She explains how this is all based on the trot halt transition without pulling. Catherine shows how she uses her seat to ask for the passage and does transitions within the passage. She collects further for piaffe.

Catherine Haddad-Staller-USA
Catherine Haddad, a member of the US Team many times over, World Cup, WEG, Olympic Trials competitor. Catherine currently trains on the east coast and in Florida during season, previously living and training out of her farm in Vechta, Germany, for many ma

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